Minecraft CNB’s Batcave Map

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Minecraft CNB’s Batcave Map (1)

Minecraft CNB’s Batcave Map (2)

Minecraft CNB’s Batcave Map (3)

Minecraft CNB’s Batcave Map (4)

Minecraft CNB’s Batcave Map (5)

Minecraft CNB’s Batcave Map (6)

Minecraft CNB’s Batcave Map (7)

User Guide:

Dispenser Armoury

First select the item you want to dispense using the corresponding levers, you can select more than one item at a time! Once the lever is ON you can then specify the amount of that item(s) you will receive; the amounts come in increments of 8. (8-16-24 etc) To select a new item with a different amount you simply turn OFF the current levers (their selection will be memorized) and then repeat the initial selection/write process.

Once you have finished selecting your kit head up to the dispenser unit to receive your items! DO NOT exit before you have collected all your items. Preset kits can be added (two solitary buttons) they will dispense 8 preset items once.

Batcave Storage Facility

The facility works in four modes (cycled by pressing the central function button on the front panel) detailed below:

M1 (Top Light Solid)

In this mode you are able to call minecarts from the storage rack up to a maximum of TEN carts per session. You call a cart by pressing the corresponding button on the item select panels either side of the system. The digital display keeps track of how many minecarts you have dispatched in the current session.

M 1.1 (Top Light Flashing)

This mode allows you to call ten empty carts for restocking the storage rack. This mode is only available once over ten empty carts have been sent to the empty cart rack. The digital display will show you how many times you can call up ten carts, starting with zero times because the rack is empty. It can store a maximum of 100 carts (10×10) and therefor once full can be used ten times. If you have available carts all you have to do is hit the ‘call empty’ button at the back of the control room.

M2 (Centre Light Solid)

This mode is used to send single minecarts back to either the storage rack or the empty cart rack. You can select which rack a cart is sent to by toggling the lever in the far corner of the control room (up for storage and down for empty). If you have selected the empty rack all you have to do is simply press the button above the desired minecart in cart bay. However if you selected the storage rack as the destination you will have to select which line of items the cart is to go back to; to do this simply hit the button on the item selection panel that corresponds to the items your trying to send back then you can hit the button above the cart to send it!

M3 (Bottom Cenre Solid)

Mode three is the same as mode two except it’s setup to send all of the carts currently in the session to either the storage or empty racks. To activate press the ‘Send Session’ button at the back of the control room and all carts will be dispatched to the selected location (again following the steps from mode 2 for selecting an item line when sending to storage)

The other features seen in the video are pretty self explanatory so I wont bore you with the details! The video should explain enough. Hope everyone enjoys the build was great fun to create!

Music Used:

  • Babble Backtrack – DTMM
  • Perry Fishing – DTMM
  • Babble Backtrack – DTMM (Used again)
  • Blender Bender – DTMM

Credits to: CNBMinecraft

Download CNB’s Batcave Map for Minecraft:


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